Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What IS breathwork?
A: Breathwork is a guided meditation that focuses on rhythmic breathing.
Consisting mostly of a three-part breathing technique, the practice generally focuses
on releasing tension and stuck energy from the stomach and chest areas. Each
breathwork session lasts around half an hour, in which participants maintain a
steady rhythm of breath.
Q: What are the benefits of breathwork?
A: For most people, the biggest benefit of breathwork is stress relief.
Breathwork moves stuck energy out of the body and helps you to relax, which in
turn helps with anxiety, depression, and all kinds of ailments. It also is a fantastic
tool for self-discovery and deepening ones sense of spirituality.
Q: How does it feel to practice breathwork?
A: Unlike a lot of meditations, pranayama is an extremely physical form of
meditation. With increased oxygen entering the body, your senses become
heightened and you may become keenly aware of your physical form. Some liken the
feeling of all of this oxygenation as a “high,” not unlike cannabis use, yet completely
without the use of substance. Results vary for each person, and also for each
person’s session they may produce different results. Some people become extremely
joyful and may begin to laugh, while others may have deep emotional feelings arise
which may bring them to tears. No matter what arises during a session, a common
feeling is one of extreme mindfulness—where one feels directly connect to their
mind and body existing in the moment.
Q: What makes Breathwork Bodega a LGBTQ+ practice?
A: As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it is my goal to connect with, heal,
and liberate my extended family. Although the practice of pranayama breathwork
itself has no denomination, gender, or creed, my personal relationship to the
practice is invested in bringing its benefits to the queer community. Do you have to
be in the LGBTQ+ community to practice at Breathwork Bodega? Of course not. I
believe that all humans, despite their sexuality, religion, or ethnicity, are entitled to
the healing that breathwork can bring. My mission statement for bringing
breathwork to the queer community is one of liberation, and strength in numbers—
so I welcome all (including allies) to join in the practice with me. I also look forward
to working with local charities and organizations that help LGBTQ+ youth in the
greater West Hollywood and Los Angeles area.

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