About Me

Meet Chase Compton

Chase Compton is an author and certified pranayama breathwork facilitator.
He spent his twenties and early thirties in New York City where he wrote his debut
memoir “The Yelp: A Heartbreak in Reviews” (Skyhorse Publishing, 2016), a
meditation on heartbreak and loss.
In New York, Chase worked as a bartender, a waiter, a DJ, a nightlife host, and a
nightclub manager. After devoting nearly two decades to serving people through
hospitality, he moved to Los Angeles with hopes to pursue other ventures.
In late 2019, Chase began to explore different healing modalities such as vibrational
healing, energy work, sound baths, and pranayama breathwork. After extensive
immersion into a breathwork practice for the duration of the pandemic, he began to
feel a calling to share the benefits of meditation and breathwork with the world.
Chase hopes to use his practice to focus on LGBTQ+ wellness, and empowering the
community towards happiness, enlightenment, and liberation. His long-term dreams
are to open a breathwork studio and community center.
He lives in West Hollywood, California, with his rescue cat Vinny. He continues to
write his memoirs and practice breathwork.

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