Relax, Rejuvenate, Rebalance

Welcome to Breathwork Bodega.

My name is Chase Compton, and I am a certified pranayama breathwork facilitator.
I began my own personal journey with breathwork, meditation, and sound healing in

For years I have deepened my practice in pursuit of self-discovery, clarity, and community. Learning how to mindfully breathe and control my breath in meditation has been an astounding awakening, and in 2021, I decided to create Breathwork Bodega in order to share the knowledge I have discovered through my practice with the world.

Breathwork Bodega is first and foremost a weekly in-studio pranayama breathwork space, but it has grown into so much more. Breathwork Bodega is a meditation studio, a place to relax and unplug, a community, and a safe space.

At Breathwork Bodega we offer weekly breathwork and sound baths as well as
guided meditation. We also host private sessions for all occasions upon request.

So what exactly IS pranayama breathwork? And why Breathwork Bodega?

Pranayama is the combination of “prana,” meaning the life-force, or breath, and “yama,” meaning control. Simply put: pranayama is an active meditation that focuses on rhythmic breathing as means of deepening a physical and mental relationship with oneself.

Breathwork has many benefits:

–Stress relief
–Alleviate anxiety, anger, depression, guilt, and shame
–Oxygenation of the blood improves muscle, brain, and organ health
–Release stored heavy emotions or past trauma
–Creates oxytocin
–Detoxes cells in the body creating alkalinity
–Deepens personal/spiritual relationship with oneself
–Creates a natural “high”

What is Breathwork Bodega 

I chose to call my practice “Breathwork Bodega” in homage to the fifteen years I spent living in New York City.

A bodega is a type of convenience store, generally Puerto Rican in origin, where you can get everything you could possibly need as a busy New Yorker on the go: a black coffee, a bacon egg and cheese sandwich (minus the egg, for me), magazines, a 40 of cheep beer, and cigarettes.

As a twenty-something trying to make it in the big city, I once believed that all of these things were paramount to my personality. Although I no longer take my coffee black (I prefer oat milk these days) and I quit smoking cigarettes, I am still a byproduct of the big city that made the man I am today: brash, off-beat, brazen, strong-willed, and wildly independent. I am an amalgamation of the East and West, the concrete and the sand, palm trees and grey piles of snow covered in trash.

Being the quintessential New Yorker allowed me to embrace being as Angeleno as I could possibly be. I encourage you to embrace all of the parts of your story that make you whole as well.

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